Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 27 Number 2, November 2015
Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 27 Number 2, November 2015
Special issue editor: Dr Alyce McGovern
Institute of Criminology Press
ISSN: 1034-5329

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is the major Australian journal on criminal justice. Contributors include academics, researchers and professionals, who provide expert analysis of the many aspects of criminal justice. The journal covers national and international issues, and has subscribers from many different countries and disciplines.

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Special Issue: Crime, Media and New Technologies


  • Introduction to the Special Issue by Alyce McGovern


  • Expanding Visual Criminology: Definitions, Data and Dissemination by Johannes Wheeldon and Danielle Harris
  • The ‘ACA Effect’: Examining How Current Affairs Programs Shape Victim Understandings and Responses to Online Fraud by Cassandra Cross and Kelly Richards
  • Digital Evidence in the Jury Room: The Impact of Mobile Technology on the Jury by Laura W McDonald, David Tait, Karen Gelb, Meredith Rossner and Blake M McKimmie
  • Performance Crime and Justice by Raymond Surette
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis: A New Empirical Tool for Assessing Public Opinion on Crime? by Jeremy Prichard, Paul Watters, Tony Krone, Caroline Spiranovic and Helen Cockburn

Contemporary Comment

  • Courting Social Media in Australia?s Criminal Courtrooms: The Continuing Tension between Promoting Open Justice and Protecting Procedural Integrity by Leah Findlay

Book Review

  • Crime, Deviance and Doping: Fallen Sports Stars, Autobiography and the Management of Stigma by Majid Yar Review by Ian Warren

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