Imprint: the University of Sydney student anthology 2015
Imprint: the University of Sydney student anthology 2015
University of Sydney students.
The University of Sydney
ISBN: 9781742103723

Imprint is a collection of works about moments and ideas that leave an impression. This anthology explores the important, mundane, fleeting and lasting moments in life with heartwarming and heartbreaking nostalgia. Emerging writers and artists share with us unforgettable moments, and in turn leave their mark in the 2015 University of Sydney Student Anthology.

“The point is the words and their power. This collection of writing by students at the University of Sydney is exactly what it should be: an emotional journey. These words – all words – have the power to titillate, radicalise, instruct, enlighten and conjure. Stories most likely to leave an impression are those that entertain, cause discomfort and make one think, like most of those in this aptly titled collection.”

—From the foreword by Amy Lovat

Editorial team

  • Sarah Ambrose
  • Melissa Coates
  • Kate Garaty
  • Talie Gottlieb
  • Jennifer McGrath
  • Jordan Meek
  • Lucy O’Connor
  • Jennifer Ryan
  • Sophie Swancott

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