Anzac Echoes
Anzac Echoes
Geert D'hollander
Sydney University Press
ISMN: 9790900969606

Anzac Echoes is a unique piece for the carillon, commissioned to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1915 World War I landing at Gallipoli, Turkey, by Australian troops. It rings out with a truly Australian flavour as it references patriotic Australian themes.

The University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon, located in the clock tower of the Quadrangle, was dedicated on Anzac Day, 25 April 1928. It commemorates the 197 University of Sydney undergraduates, graduates and staff who died in World War I, many of whose names are inscribed on the bells. The lowest note, G (four and a quarter tonnes), is dedicated to the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF). Built by Taylor’s Bell Foundry of Loughborough, England, the instrument has 54 bells with a range of four and a half octaves. Today the carillon is still central to the life of the University, heard daily as a living memorial to the fallen.

Anzac Echoes was premiered by Sydney University Organist and Carillonist Amy Johansen at the University’s Anzac Day Dawn Service in 2015.

About the composer

Geert D’hollander is one of the world’s preeminent carillonneurs and a highly celebrated composer for the instrument. He has written nearly 50 carillon works, many as commissions. He served as City Carillonneur of several Belgian cities and taught at the Royal Carillon School. In 2008, he was awarded the Berkeley Medal of Honor for distinguished service to the carillon, having been University Carillonist at UC Berkeley. He now holds the prestigious post of Carillonneur at Bok Tower Gardens, Florida, and frequently gives masterclasses and recitals in Europe and the USA.

Anzac Echoes consists of unbound sheet music inside a folded cover, suitable for carillonists worldwide.

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