Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 28 Number 1, July 2016
Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 28 Number 1, July 2016
Editor: Murray Lee
Institute of Criminology Press
ISSN: 1034-5329

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is the major Australian journal on criminal justice. Contributors include academics, researchers and professionals, who provide expert analysis of the many aspects of criminal justice. The journal covers national and international issues, and has subscribers from many different countries and disciplines.


  • Legalising Sex Work: the Regulation of Risk in Australian Prostitution Law Reforem by Victoria Nagy and Anastasia Powell
  • Efforts by Offenders to Manage and Overcome Stigma: the Case of Employment by Adrian Cherney and Robin Fitzgerald
  • ‘Public Order’ Policing and the Value of Independent Legal Observers by Tamara Walsh
  • Public, Politicians, and the Law: the Long Shadow and Modern Thrall of Myra Hindley by Mark Pettigrew
  • The Bali Nine, Capital Punishment and Australia’s Obligation to Seek Abolition by Amy Maguire and Shelby Houghton

Forum Feature: Sydney’s Lockout Laws

  • Sydney’s Lockout Laws: Cutting Crime or Civil Liberties? by Julia Quilter
  • What Does Research Tell Us About the Impact of Recent Liquor Restrictions on Violence in New South Wales? by Don Weatherburn
  • The Sexuality of the Night: Violence and Transformation by Kane Race
  • Last Drinks Laws: A Health Perspective by Kate Conigrave
  • Sydney’s Lockout Laws: For and Against by Murray Lee

Book review Symposium

  • Justice Reinvestment: Wonding Back Imprisonment by David Brown, Chris Cunneen, Melanie Schwartz, Julie Stubbs and Courtney Young, Todd Clear, Elena Marchetti, Luke McNamara

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