Animal Welfare in Australia: Politics and policy
Animal Welfare in Australia: Politics and policy
Peter John Chen
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743324738

The issue of animal welfare has become an increasingly significant part of the policy and political landscape in Australia in recent decades. Activists and welfare organisations have become progressively more vigorous in promoting a new ethical relationship between humans and animals, and in highlighting industrial production systems they identify as inhumane. In 2011 this agitation culminated in the temporary suspension of cattle live exports, with significant economic and political implications for Australia. Similar campaigns have focused on domestic food production systems and the use of animals in entertainment.

Yet despite this increased interest, the policy process as it relates to human–animal relations in Australia is poorly understood. Animal Welfare in Australia is the first Australian book to examine the topic in a systematic manner. Without taking a specific ethical position on the treatment of non-human animals, Chen draws on a wide range of sources – including activists, industry representatives and policy elites – to explain how policy is made and implemented. He explores the history of animal welfare in Australia, as well as contemporary public opinion and media coverage of animal-welfare issues. In the process, he comprehensively maps the policy domain, demonstrating the complexity of policy-making networks and the difficulty of pinning down public opinion on animal-welfare issues.

Animal Welfare in Australia: Politics and policy will be of interest to scholars and practitioners of public policy, those interested in issues of animal welfare, and anyone wishing to understand how diverse sets of social and economic interests interact in the contemporary Australian policy landscape.

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About the author

Peter John Chen is a political scientist at the University of Sydney who works on Australian politics, political media, and public policy.

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