Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 27 (2014)
Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 27 (2014)
Edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres
Meditarch Publications
ISSN: 1030-8482

Since its foundation in 1988, Mediterranean Archaeology has succeeded not only in providing a much needed medium through which archaeologists in Australasia report on their research and field work in the Mediterranean region, but also in establishing itself as a journal of international standing.

Mediterranean Archaeology is a peer-reviewed annual and welcomes all academic papers in English, French, German, and Italian, with a preference for contributions that deal with interregional relations within the Mediterranean.

There and back again. Proceedings of the Colloquium Held at the University of Geneva on 7–8 November, 2014

Edited by Patrizia Birchler Emery

144pp, 40 plates

  • Jacques Chamay, 1964–2014: Cinquante ans d’archéologie classique
  • Judith McKenzie, From Basel to Alexandria via Sydney (with French trans. by Sarah Norodom)
  • Patrizia Birchler Emery, Du vieillard au satyre: une histoire tirée par les cheveux
  • Fabia Curti,La céramique apulienne à figures rouges du point de vue du décor accessoire
  • Camilla Norman, Workshops and Regional Variation of Daunian Stelai: Observations Based on Two Stelai in Geneva
  • Elodie Paillard, The Structural Evolutions of Fifth-century Athenian Society: Archaeological Evidence and Literary Sources
  • Valeria Pratolongo, Grecs et indigènes à l’époque classique en Sicile orientale
  • Marzia Vinci, Origini e sviluppo dell’iconografia dei Lari: Lari domestici e Lari compitali
  • Anne de Weck, Un ex-voto à Mercure en remploi dans une tombe mérovingienne à St-Antione/GE


  • Alexandre Cambitoglou et Jacques Chamay, Cratère apulien représentant l’apothéose d’Héraclès et l’anodos d’Adonis, par le peintre de Gioia del Colle


  • L. A. Beaumont, B. McLoughlin, M. C. Miller & S. A. Paspalas, Zagora Archaeological Project: the 2013 Field Season
  • J. L. Beness, T. Hillard, R. Jones, G. Tsokas & P. Tsourlos, Torone: the 2015 Season

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