Meditarch Supplement 10 (2016): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 5: Report on Excavations 2000-2010
Meditarch Supplement 10 (2016): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 5: Report on Excavations 2000-2010
G. Clarke, H. Jackson, C.E.V. Nixon, J. Tidmarsh & K. Wesselingh with L. Cougle/Jose
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 9780958026574

Jebel Khalid, a 50ha limestone mesa on the west bank of the Euphrates in North Syria, had an important Hellenistic-period occupation, starting in the early third century BCE and concluding with the Seleucid era in the mid-first century BCE. It thus provides an invaluable glimpse into life during the Seleucid period, largely lost from view elsewhere in the region, especially in an area that straddles the Hellenistic and Near Eastern cultural spheres.

Jebel Khalid volume 1 reported, in summary form, on excavations carried out over the decade 1986–1996 (most notably the Main Gate, the North-West Tower and the Acropolis Palace), as well as published various categories of finds, the analysis of which had been completed (coins, stamped amphora handles, loom weights and spindle whorls, glass, graffiti and dipinti, lamps from the Housing Insula). Likewise Jebel Khalid volume 5 now reports, again in summary form, on public-area excavations carried out over the decade 2000–2010 (the Temple, the Palaestra, Acropolis Out-Buildings, a Commercial Area). In addition, it also brings up-to-date various categories of finds (coins, figurines, fine wares, sculpture, stamped amphora handles, faunal remains, stucco). Importantly, Jebel Khalid volume 5 also publishes the Catalogue of Lamps from Jebel Khalid (some 399 items) excavated from the site over the entire period of the excavations 1986-2010, an important Hellenistic resource invaluable for surveys and excavations alike in the region. A brief overview of the history of the c.250 years of the Hellenistic-period occupation of the site concludes the volume.

Praise for Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 5

“the rich tableau of material presented in this book will be indispensable for future research on the complex trajectories of Seleucid Syria.”
—Michael Blömer, July 2018, Bryn Mawr Classical Review


  1. Area A. The Jebel Khalid Acropolis – John Tidmarsh
  2. Area B. The Jebel Khalid Temple – Graeme Clarke
  3. Area C. The palaestra – Graeme Clarke
  4. Area S. The commercial area – Heather Jackson


  1. The sculpture from the Jebel Khalid Temple – Heather Jackson & Graeme Clarke
  2. The Jebel Khalid coins 2008-2010 – C. E. V. Nixon
  3. Stamped amphora handles 2008-2010 – Graeme Clarke
  4. Figurine fragments – Heather Jackson
  • Appendix: a bone or ivory soldier plaque – Lisa Cougle/Jose
  1. The fine wares – John Tidmarsh
  2. Stucco fragments from the Acropolis Palace – Heather Jackson
  3. Faunal remains 2006–2010 – Karyn Wesselingh
  4. The Jebel Khalid lamps 1987–2010 – Heather Jackson
  5. Brief overview – Graeme Clarke

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