Sydney Law Review Volume 38 Issue 3, June 2016
Sydney Law Review Volume 38 Issue 3, June 2016
Edited by Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan and Associate Professor Shae McCrystal
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

The Sydney Law Review, established in 1953, is an Australian generalist law journal published quarterly by one of the world’s leading law schools. Topical peer-reviewed content includes ‘Before the High Court’ comments, articles, case notes, review essays and book reviews. Emphasising Australian law, the Review is committed to publishing articles that make an original contribution to legal scholarship.

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  • Reframing Public Inquiries as 'Procedural Justice' for Victims of Institutional Child Abuse: Towards a Hybrid Model of Justice by Anne-Marie McAlinden and Bronwyn Naylor
  • A Comparison of Regulatory Enforcement, Class Actions and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Compensating Financial Consumers by Michael Legg
  • The Honour of the Crowns: State-Indigenous Fiduciary Relationships and Australian Excetionalism by Kristy Glover
  • Certainty in Decision-Making: An Assessment of the Australian Takeovers Panel by Emma Armson

Book Review

  • Law and Corporate Behaviour: Integrating Theories of Regulation, Enforcement, Compliance and Ethics by John Braithwaite