Smoke Signals: Selected Writing
Smoke Signals: Selected Writing
Simon Chapman
Darlington Press
ISBN: 9781921364594

Smoke Signals gathers 71 of Professor Simon Chapman’s authoritative, acerbic and often heretical essays written in newspapers, blogs and research journals across his 40-year career. They cover major developments and debates in tobacco control, public health ethics, cancer screening, gun control and panics about low risk agents like wi-fi, mobile phone towers and wind turbines. This collection is an essential guide to many key debates in contemporary public health. It will be invaluable to public health students and practitioners, while remaining compelling reading for all interested in health policy.

“When is Simon Chapman, the academic, intellectual, self-appointed chief wowser of the nanny state, gunna leave us alone?”
Steve Price, Australian radio broadcaster, 2008

“His insane wibblings are worrying yes, but still bloody funny to read.“
Dick Puddlecote, English blogger

This book is available open access.

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About the author

Simon Chapman AO is emeritus professor in public health at the University of Sydney. He has won the World Health Organization’s medal for tobacco control (1998), the American Cancer Society’s Luther Terry Award for outstanding individual leadership in tobacco control (2003), and was the NSW Premier’s Cancer Researcher of the Year (2008). In 2013 he was made an Officer in the Order of Australia for his contributions to public health and named 2013 Australian Skeptic of the Year. In 2014, the Australian right-wing think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, named him as one of Australia’s Dirty Dozen all-time “opponents of freedom”.

Other titles from Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman AO has written several books published by Sydney University Press and Darlington Press in the last 10 years. Several of these are also available open access, and may be downloaded for free online.

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Let sleeping dogs lie? What men should know before getting tested for prostate cancer
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Removing the emperor’s clothes: Australia and tobacco plain packaging
In December 2012, Australia became the first nation in the world to require all tobacco products to be sold in standard ‘plain’ packs. Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman set out the evidence for the importance of plain packaging in striking at the heart of what remains of tobacco advertising.

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