Sydney Studies in English. Volume 42
Sydney Studies in English. Volume 42
Edited by David Kelly
The University of Sydney, Department of English
ISSN: 0156-5419

Sydney Studies in English is published annually, concentrating on criticism and scholarship in English literature, drama and cinema. It aims to provide a forum for critical, scholarly and applied theoretical analysis of text, and seeks to balance the complexities of the discipline with the need to remain accessible to the wide audience of teachers and students of English both inside and outside the university.

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Margot Nash The Silences: Process, Structure and the Development of a Personal Essay Documentary

Keith Beattie ‘It Is An Art That Cannot Live By Looking Back’: Dont Look Back, Performance and the Revision of Direct Cinema

Helen Goritsas The Mirror Shapes the Hand: Re-thinking the Representation of the Auteur in Campion’s Bright Star

Kim Wilkins ‘This, please, cannot be that’: the Constructed World of P.T Anderson’s Magnolia

Ian David Sequences, Dreams and Cinema

David Kelly Fidelity and Adultery at the Movies: from F.W. Murnau’s Sunrise to David Lean’s Brief Encounter

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