Genocide Perspectives V: A Global Crime, Australian Voices
Genocide Perspectives V: A Global Crime, Australian Voices
Edited by Nikki Marczak and Kirril Shields
UTS ePress
ISBN: 9780994503985

Genocide Perspectives V features Australian scholarship on genocide with essays written by established and well-known authors, as well as emerging scholars. The volume has also given contributors the chance to reflect on Professor Colin Tatz's significant contribution to Genocide Studies and his influence on their own paths and chosen areas of study.


  • Colin Tatz: "Compelled to repair a flawed world", by Douglas Booth
  • Reflections on the Bringing Them Home Report, by Anna Haebich
  • Genocide by any other name, by John Maynard
  • Too near and too far: Australia's reluctance to name and prosecute genocide, by Jennifer Balint
  • Psychiatry, genocide and the National Socialist State: lessons learnt, ignored and forgotten, by Michael Robertson, Edwina Light, Wendy Lipworth and Garry Walter
  • First do harm! A medical experiment on Australian prisoners of war and the career of the military physician, by Konrad Kwiet and George Weisz
  • 100 year commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, April 24, 2015 - Sydney Town Hall speech, by Geoffrey Robertson QC
  • The early days: illuminating Armenian women's experiences, by Nikki Marczak
  • Finding a way: women's stories of daily survival after the 1965 killings in Indonesia by Annie Pohlman
  • North Korea: genocide or not?, by The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG
  • Realities, surrealities and the membrane of innocence, by Tony Barta
  • Through German eyes: amateur photos and trans-generational renegotiations of the Holocaust, by Kirril Shields
  • Faith after genocide, by Deborah Mayersen
  • Can the American alliance stop colluding in genocide?, by Winton Higgins
  • Teaching about genocide, by Colin Tatz