Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 29 Number 3, July 2018
Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 29 Number 3, July 2018
Editor: Murray Lee
Institute of Criminology Press
ISSN: 1034-5329

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is the major Australian journal on criminal justice. Contributors include academics, researchers and professionals, who provide expert analysis of the many aspects of criminal justice. The journal covers national and international issues, and has subscribers from many different countries and disciplines.



  • 'Ice Rushes', Data Shadows and Methylamphetamine Use in Rural Towns: Wastewater Analysis by Jeremy Prichard, Foon Yin Lai, Jake O'Brien et al.
  • Australian Media Portrayals of Domestic Terrorism: The Sydney Siege and Parramatta Shooting by Cassie McLinden and Elaine Barclay
  • Navigating the Political Landscape of Australian Criminal Justice Reform: Senior Policy-makers on Alternatives to Incarceration by Melissa Lovell, Jill Guthrie, Paul Simpson and Tony Butler
  • Convictions through Kith and Kin: Legal, Policy and Ethical Issues in DNA Familial Matching and Genetic Metadata by Felix Ralph

Contemporary Comments

  • Institutional Violence against People with Disability: Recent Legal and Political Developments by Jessica Robyn Cadwallader, Claire Spivakovsky, Linda Steele and Dinesh Wadiwel
  • iWitnessed: Capturing Contemporaneous Accounts to Enhance Witness Evidence by Helen M. Paterson, Celine van Golde, Chris Devery, Nicholas Cowdery and Richard Kemp

Book review

  • Transphobic Hate Crime by Peter Alldridge, reviewed by Penny Crofts