Sydney Law Review Volume 40 Issue 2, June 2018
Sydney Law Review Volume 40 Issue 2, June 2018
Edited by Associate Professor Celeste Black and Associate Professor Elisa Arcioni
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

The Sydney Law Review, established in 1953, is an Australian generalist law journal published quarterly by one of the world’s leading law schools. Topical peer-reviewed content includes ‘Before the High Court’ comments, articles, case notes, review essays and book reviews. Emphasising Australian law, the Review is committed to publishing articles that make an original contribution to legal scholarship.

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  • Australia’s National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Practitioners: A National Approach to Polycentric Regulation? by Belinda Bennett, Terry Carney, Mary Chiarella, Merrilyn Walton, Patrick Kelly, Claudette Satchell and Fleur Beaupert
  • Temporary Migrant Labour and Unpaid Work in Australia, by Joanna Howe, Andrew Stewart and Rosemary Owens
  • Australia’s Position on Investor–State Dispute Settlement: Fruit of a Poisonous Tree or a Few Rotten Apples? by Kyle Dylan Dickson-Smith and Bryan Mercurio
  • Illegal Phoenix Activity: Practical Ways to Improve the Recovery of Tax, by Helen Anderson
  • The “Australian Position” Concerning Criminal Complicity: Principle, Policy or Politics? by Andrew Dyer