Sydney Law Review Volume 40 Issue 3, September 2018
Sydney Law Review Volume 40 Issue 3, September 2018
Edited by Associate Professor Celeste Black and Associate Professor Elisa Arcioni
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

The Sydney Law Review, established in 1953, is an Australian generalist law journal published quarterly by one of the world’s leading law schools. Topical peer-reviewed content includes ‘Before the High Court’ comments, articles, case notes, review essays and book reviews. Emphasising Australian law, the Review is committed to publishing articles that make an original contribution to legal scholarship.

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  • Bargaining in the Shadow of the Folk Law: Expanding the Concept of the Shadow of the Law in Family Dispute Resolution, by Jonathan Crowe, Rachael Field, Lisa Toohey, Helen Partridge and Lynn McAllister
  • Prosecuting Child Offenders: Factors Relevant to Rebutting the Presumption of Doli Incapax, by Joanna Howe, Andrew Stewart and Rosemary Owens
  • Government–funded Health Research Contracts in Australia: A Critical Assessment of Transparency, by Nola M Ries and Kypros Kypri
  • Before the High Court

  • Abortion Protests and the Limits of Freedom of Political Communication: Clubb v Edwards; Preston v Avery, by Shireen Morris and Adrienne Stone
  • Case Note

  • “All Necessary Measures” to Avoid Fragmentation: Reflection on the UK Supreme Court’s 2017 Al–Waheed Decision by Alyssa Glass
  • Review Essay

  • The Future of Private Property? by Paul Babie