Power: the Sydney University student anthology 2018
Power: the Sydney University student anthology 2018
University of Sydney Students
The University of Sydney
ISBN: 9781742104461

For some of us, living in an uncertain world is a reality we accepted long ago; an unavoidable result of living in an unpredictable space sensitive to minute actions. We feel powerless. For others, the system holds infinite possibilities. We know how to play the game, to circumvent the rules, to get what we want. We feel powerful.

Power can be an intimate action.

What happens in our homes, our lives, our relationships—sometimes we’re at loss, in the hands of someone, something more powerful. But sometimes we’re in charge, we take control, we’re at ease with what we do and what we do to others.

The 2018 Student Anthology delves into what power means to us. In stories, essays, images and poems, Sydney University’s talented writers and artists explore the intimate pulls of personal relationships and the violent tugs of political forces, presenting diverse and intriguing portrayals of power.