Botany Bay: True Tales of Early Australia (Large Print)
Botany Bay: True Tales of Early Australia (Large Print)
John Lang
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920897857

Botany Bay contains Lang's most significant Australian work and was first published in 1853 and includes a number of short stories set in the early years of settlement. These are:

  • The Ghost Upon the Rail
  • The Master and His Man
  • Giles! As I Live!
  • Tracks in the Bush
  • Captain Ketchcalfe
  • Barrington
  • Three Celebrities
  • Baron Wald
  • Sir Henry Hayes
  • Kate Crawford
  • Annie Saint Felix
  • A Ramble with the Blacks
  • Music A Terror

John Lang (1816-1864) was born in Parramatta but studied Law in England 1837-1841 and from 1843 to 1845 practised as a lawyer in India. In India also he became editor of an English-language newspaper.From 1853 to 1859 Lang lived in England and Europe becoming a popular literary figure. He returned to India where he died in 1864.