On the Track (Large Print)
On the Track (Large Print)
Henry Lawson
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920897833

After some time in Western Australia and New Zealand Lawson returned to Sydney in 1898 and published with Angus and Robertson in 1900 the works On the Track and Over the Sliprails. On the Track includes:

  • The Songs They Used to Sing
  • A Vision of Sandy Blight
  • Andy Page's Rival
  • The Iron Bark Chip
  • Middleton's Peter
  • The Mystery of Dave Regan
  • Mitchell on Matrimony
  • Mitchell on Women
  • No Place for a Woman
  • Mitchell's Jobs
  • Bill the Ventriloquist
  • Bush Cats
  • Meeting Old Mates
  • Two Larrikins
  • Mr. Smellingscheck
  • A Rough Shed
  • Payable Gold
  • An Oversight of Steelman's
  • How Steelman Told His Story

Henry Lawson (1867-1922) was born and raised on the gold fields of Glenfell and Gulgong in New South Wales. He became known as a bush poet and short story writer following his work as journalist for the Queensland radical newspaper the Boomerang where his republican and socialist views found expression. He established his reputation as the people's poet and story teller. However, he lived an itinerant life with and without his family, living in Western Australia, New Zealand and England. On his return to Sydney in 1902 his alcoholism and mental illness increased, leading to his separation from his wife and children.