Beaches of the South Australian Coast and Kangaroo Island
Beaches of the South Australian Coast and Kangaroo Island
Andrew Short
SUP - Marine Studies
ISBN: 9780958650427

2004 edition with corrections and updates

346 pages, 286 original figures, including 238 photographs, glossary, general index, beach index, surf index.

This book is about the entire South Australian Coast, Kangaroo Island and a few of the major islands. It begins with three chapters that provide a background to the physical nature and evolution of the South Australian coast and its beach systems.

Chapter 1 covers the geological evolution of the coast and the role climate, wave, tides and wind in shaping the present coast and beaches. Chapter 2 presents in more detail the twelve types of beach systems that occur along the South Australian coast, while chapter 3 discusses they types of beach hazards along the coast and the role of Surf Lifesaving South Australia in mitigating these hazards.

Chapter 4 presents a description of every one of the 1454 mainland beaches, as well as 218 beaches on Kangaroo island and 83 beaches on five major islands, in all 1788 beaches. The description of each beach covers its name, location, physical characteristics, access and facilities, with specific comments on its surf zone character and physical hazards, as well as its suitability for swimming, surfing and fishing.

Based on the physical characteristics each beach is rated in terms of the level of beach hazards from the least hazardous rated 1 (safest) to the most hazardous 10 (least safe). The book contains 286 figures which include 238 photographs, which illustrate all beach types, as well as beach maps and photographs of all beaches patrolled by surf lifesavers and many other popular beaches.