The Impersonators
The Impersonators
Jessica Anderson
Classic Australian Works
ISBN: 9780975086056

The Impersonators portrays the breakdown of family relationships and the endurance of love in a materialistic age sensitively, perceptively and humorously. When Sylvia Foley returns to Australia after twenty years, she finds her father, Jack Cornock, ill. This and his obstinate silence provoke speculation about his will among the families of his two marriages, Sylvia becomes enmeshed in the webs of their alliances and disaffections. The Impersonators received the Miles Franklin Award in 1980 and the NSW Premier's Literary Award for Fiction in 1981.

Jessica Anderson was born in Brisbane in 1925 and has lived most of her life in Sydney. She started her career as a novelist later in life having previously written for newspapers and radio. She has won the Miles Franklin Award twice; for Tirra Lirra By the River in 1978, and for The Impersonators in 1980.