Transforming a university: the scholarship of teaching and learning in practice
Transforming a university: the scholarship of teaching and learning in practice
Edited by Angela Brew and Judyth Sachs
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920898281

This unique collection shows what happens when one university takes on the challenge of developing the scholarship of teaching and learning with a view to enhancing students' learning experiences. Authors from the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences, and from the health sciences, demonstrate the research they have done to investigate their students' learning. The editors, Angela Brew and Judyth Sachs, have captured the intricacies of teaching and learning in different academic domains in this rich and varied collection.

The book explores students' responses to contemporary art, to multicultural music and to architecture for the poor and dispossessed. It explores students' ability to transfer mathematical knowledge from one subject to another; how students learn to talk like a pharmacist, or understand basic concepts in physics; how students are prepared for university study in first year classes or in the operating theatre; how they learn to write like a scientist; how they learn in online discussions and how they understand group work and group assessment.

Each chapter is grounded in rigorous research and scholarship and indicates actions that have been taken to improve teaching and students' learning. This book is a remarkable demonstration of scholarly teaching practice from a single institution. It should be read by all teachers and managers in higher and tertiary education institutions interested in developing teaching and learning.

This book is available open access.