Phoenix: The University of Sydney Writers Journal 2007
Phoenix: The University of Sydney Writers Journal 2007
Managing Editor Julianne Wargren
The University of Sydney
ISBN: 9781920898823

Guest Editors: Libby Hathorn, Richard Langridge

Now in its second reincarnation, Phoenix 2007 boasts a fantastic selection of student and alumni writing. This year we're proud to include children's fiction and scripts along with oodles of our poetry and prose. Inside, you will find tales of innocence, woe, love, the strange and the unknown; Phoenix 2007 is the product of a literary community in its prime, engaging with forgotten histories and the uncertainties of everyday experience.

To top it off, we've got articles on the writing process from the top tier of the Australian literary community. We've included not one, but two multi-award winning children's authors! Libby Hathorn (Thunderwith, Grandma's Shoes) and Ursula Dubosarsky (Abyssinia, The Red Shoe) give us colourful and sagacious insight into the process, the audience and the industry of writing for children and young adults. In addition, Nick Riemer, at once a linguist and poet, speaks on identifying as a writer and the paradoxes of poetry.

In every part evocative, intimate and accomplished, Phoenix has again proven the strength and originality of University of Sydney writers.