Beaches of the Queensland Coast
Beaches of the Queensland Coast
Andrew Short
SUP - Marine Studies
ISBN: 9780958650410

This book provides the first description of all Queensland's ocean beaches between Cooktown and Coolangatta, including beaches on 18 islands and in several large bays. It is based on the results of the Australian Beach Safety and Management Program, a nationwide assessment of Australian beach systems.

The book has two aims, first to provide the public with general information on the origin and nature of Queensland's beaches, including the contribution of geology, oceanography, climate and biota to the beaches, together with details on beach hazards and beach safety.

The second aim is to provide a description of each beach emphasising its physical characteristics, which include the beach name, location, access, facilities, dimensions and the morphology of the beach and surf or intertidal zone.

In particular it comments on the suitability of the beach for swimming, surfing and fishing, with special emphasis on the natural hazards.

Based on the prevailing conditions (waves, wind and tides) and physical hazards each beach is given a beach hazard rating from 1 to 10. The higher the rating, the more hazardous the beach.