IFED07 Optimal strategies for disaster and hazard mitigation
IFED07 Optimal strategies for disaster and hazard mitigation
Edited by Stuart Reid and Mark Stewart
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920898830

IFED is sponsored and organized by the Five-University Consortium on Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making in Engineering. Forums are held every 12-18 months, to provide an opportunity to share exciting developments, and to stimulate new initiatives in engineering decision making and risk analysis for engineering systems.

Contents include:

  1. Assessment and mitigation of risk from low-probability, high-consequence hazards
  2. Development of a Synthetic Hurricane Wind Speed Database for Hazard Analysis and Risk Studies
  3. Life Safety Risks and Optimisation of Protective Measures for Terrorist Threats to Built Infrastructure
  4. Risk-based Decision-making for Multi-hazard Mitigation for Woodframe Residential Construction
  5. Managing geotechnical hazards at various scales in urban soils using a 3D model
  6. Multi-Attribute Aspects for Risk Assessment of Natural Hazards
  7. Conceptual Dynamic Response Recovery Model for Emergency Events
  8. Risk analysis of structures in presence of stochastic fields of deterioration: flowchart for coupling inspection results and structural reliability
  9. Decision in the face of risks: optimization of decision schedule
  10. Hazard Estimation with Random Fields