Margins: the Sydney University anthology 2009
Margins: the Sydney University anthology 2009
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920899486

"She loved to rule up red margins and write in black ink on white - deciphering texts and decoding maths problems."

Marginalia: writing in the margins, around the edges of pages. Students produce a lot of it. It's often critiques or interpretations of the main text; sometimes, it can even form a dialogue between readers as they comment on each other's comments. But here, we'd like to invite you to the main page, the centre stage, in this newest incarnation of the acclaimed Sydney University Student Writing Anthology.

"I have trapped my character within this page, within these margins, within these words, but you, dear reader, are bringing external forces into these words and margins."

And really, margins are just lines - lines on a page, lines we draw between ourselves and another person, or invisible lines on a map. Just lines, but we still find meaning in them. These lines on a page represent the thoughts, lives and imaginations of Sydney University students.

The marginalia is up to you.