The Heretics Club 1916-2006: Ninetieth Anniversary Papers
The Heretics Club 1916-2006: Ninetieth Anniversary Papers
Edited by W.W. Emilsen and G.R. Treloar
Origen Press, University of Sydney
ISBN: 9781742101446

The Heretics Club in Sydney is the oldest theological-dining club in Australia. It commenced in 1916 at the University of Sydney and continues to the present day. The Club stands in the tradition of the Apostles at Cambridge and the Inklings at Oxford.

The membership of the Heretics has included many philosophers, theologians, historians, biblical and literary scholars, many of international standing.

In November 2006 the Club celebrated its 90th anniversary at the assembly at St Paul's College. This volume includes the late Professor Ken Cable's narrative histories of the Club, never before published, and the papers that were given at the anniversary celebrations reflecting upon the life and culture of the Club, and assessing the present state of affairs in theology and the life of Church.

This book will be of interest to all who have links with the University of Sydney and are curious about the intellectual and religious life if the city of Sydney.