Staying power: tips and tools for keeping you on your feet
Staying power: tips and tools for keeping you on your feet
Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920899578

The key to healthy ageing is to adopt a positive, confident attitude and to stay connected to your community. It is essential to keep your independence, especially as you approach that stage of life when you can fall more easily.

Staying power: tips and tools for keeping you on your feet gives practical and inspirational advice on how to prevent falls in your life. Through a combination of exercise and a healthy, active approach, you can beat what seem like inevitable outcomes of getting older.

About the authors

Lindy Clemson is a public health researcher on ageing and an occupational therapist, with a PhD in epidemiology. She has a background in consultancy and research in the areas of physical and cultural environments, adaptation and ageing, and the independence of older persons at home and in the community. She has over 40 publications and was the Principal Chief Investigator of the research into the effectiveness of a community-based falls prevention program, which became the Stepping On program. Lindy is currently the Associate Professor in Ageing in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.

Megan Swann has worked as an occupational therapist for almost 30 years. Megan has run over 60 Stepping On programs in Sydney and Newcastle. She is currently an occupational therapist at the Prince of Wales Hospital NSW and also a health education officer at the St Vincent's Hospital Community Health Service. She has been facilitating Stepping On programs and training other staff across NSW to embed the program in their work practice.

Together, Lindy and Megan developed the Stepping On program and wrote the manual Stepping On: building confidence and reducing falls (also published by Sydney University Press, 2008).