About Performance 1: Translation and Performance
About Performance 1: Translation and Performance
Editor: Tim Fitzpatrick
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Articles arising from teaching and research projects funded by CPS in 1993, designed to facilitate study of the way theatre practitioners work with translated texts, and of the difference that different translation choices make in the performance outcomes.


  • Gay McAuley "Introduction"
  • May-Brit Akerholt "The Text, the Whole Text, and Nothing but the Text in Translation"
  • Tim Fitzpatrick and Ksenia Sawczak "Accidental Death of a Translator: the Difficult Case of Dario Fo"
  • Frances Muecke "Translation and Theatrical Space: the Antigone Experiment"
  • Rhys McConnochie "Three Antigone Plays"
  • Jonathan Bollen "Laughing at the Difference: Theories of Translation in Rehearsal"
  • Penny Gay "Shakespeare in Translation: the Trial Scene in The Merchant of Venice"
  • David Attrill "Translation for the Non-Translator/Performer"
  • Peter Snow "Situation Vacant: Lines of Flight and the Schizo-Potential for Revolution"
  • Laura Ginters "From Georg Buchner's Dantons Tod to SUDS' Danton's Death"
  • Kristine Cala "Pluie Oblique: A Case Study"
  • Gay McAuley "Translation in the Performance Process"