About Performance 2: Performances East/West
About Performance 2: Performances East/West
Editors: Tony Day and Paul Dowsey-Magog
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Multiple perspectives on the work in Asian and cross-cultural performance practice occurring in courses, workshops, master classes and research projects at the Centre over the preceding decade.


  • Tony Day and Paul Dowsey-Magog "Introduction"
  • Keiji Sawada "Australian Theatre and Japanese Theatre: An Introduction to a Comparative Study"
  • Michael Cohen "Cho Vietnam: Corporate Colonialism in a Lunchbox"
  • Damien Millar "Their Grotesque Opposites"
  • Sarah Dunn "Cross Cultural Productions: Peter Brook and the Mahabharata"
  • Chris Murphy "Operation Hypothesis: Tadashi Suzuki's 'Toil and Trouble' tour, Australia 1992"
  • Michael Cohen "Seventeen Stories about Interculturalism and Tadashi Suzuki"
  • Sally Sussman and Tony Day "Orientalia, Orientalism, and the Peking Opera Artist as 'Subject' in Contemporary Australian Performance"
  • Damien Millar "'The Restrained Passion of You Both': A short essay on the film Nji Ronggeng"
  • Sarah Weiss "Rules or Rasa: Aesthetics and Gender in the Performance of Central Javanese Wayang"
  • Tony Day "Performances of East Javanese Wayang and the Possibility of 'Internal Otherness' in Contemporary Java"
  • "Wayang Round Table"