About Performance 3: Theatre as performance
About Performance 3: Theatre as performance
Editors: Ian Maxwell and Lowell Lewis
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

A selection of papers presented at the Centre?s postgraduate seminar in 1997, a report on the year?s workshops and performance projects and the way they relate to both teaching and research, and a summary of proceedings of the Theatre Matters conference hosted by the Centre.


  • J. Lowell Lewis and Ian Maxwell "Introduction"
  • Laura Ginters "Special events at the Centre for Performance Studies 1997"
  • Various "Report on Teaching"
  • Post-Graduate Research Seminar
    • Laura Ginters "Introduction"
    • Kate Rossmanith "Rehearsal Observation: The New Theatre's 1997 The Season at Sarsaparilla"
    • Mary Adams "In her Own (W)right: Alter/Native Performance"
    • Paul Dwyer "The Forum Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings"
    • Laura Ginters "So this is Heaven? I didn't think there'd be so many blackfellas here"
    • Russell Emerson "Computer Imaging of Theatre Spaces. Representing the Empty Space: Software as Design Tool"
  • Forum Proceedings: 'Theatre Matters'
    • Ian Maxwell "Foreword"
    • Ian Maxwell "Why 'Theatre Matters'"
    • Ross Gibson Keynote Address: "Models of Comportment"
    • Discussion
    • Chris Mead "Cruel are the Times"
    • Discussion
    • Anna Broinowski "Why Did the Actor Cross the Road?"
    • Discussion
    • Cameron Tonkin "Sustaining Theatre: Theatre and Sustainability"
    • Discussion
    • Wrap Up
  • J. Lowell Lewis "Afterword"