About Performance 4: Performance Analysis
About Performance 4: Performance Analysis
Editor: Gay McAuley
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Theory and practice of performance analysis, seen as an attempt to come to terms with the semiotic density of the performance event, to describe it carefully, to explore the meanings that it creates and communicates, and to gain insight into the means whereby this occurs.


  • Gay McAuley "Introduction"
  • Gay McAuley "Performance Analysis: Theory and Practice"
  • Jacqueline Martin "Towards a Methodology for Analysis Hybrid Arts Performance"
  • Peter Snow "How Performances Endure Over Time"
  • Kerrie Schaefer "Analysing Contemporary Performance: the Case of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"
  • Yana Taylor "About Time in Performance and Analysis: Streams of Time in Burying Mother"
  • Kate Rossmanith "Burn This: Paul Barry Playing Jimmy 'Pale'"
  • Laura Ginters "Robert Wilson's Dantons Tod at the Berliner Ensemble"
  • Ian Maxwell "Football Is Not Theatre"
  • Tracey Schramm and Gay McAuley "The Gravity of Dante: A Photo Essay"