About Performance 5: Body Weather in Central Australia
About Performance 5: Body Weather in Central Australia
Editor: Gay McAuley
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Issue devoted to Tess de Quincey's TripleAlice project that took place over a 3-year period at Hamilton Downs in Central Australia from 1999 to 2001. Each of the three laboratories was facilitated and documented by staff and students from the Department of Performance Studies, and the issue contains essays and other artworks by participants and observers, casebooks and a photo-essay.


  • Gay McAuley "Introduction"
  • Kristina Harrison "From Observer to Participant: Reflections on the Triple Alice Experience"
  • Tess de Quincey "Burning Point: Overview Description of Triple Alice"
  • Martin Harrison "Edge, Desert, Reticulation, Information"
  • Sarah Dunn "Triple Alice 1: A Participant's Perspective"
  • Peter Snow "P4: Performance Making in Alice"
  • Ian Maxwell "Access All Areas: Reflections on Triple Alice 1"
  • Stuart Grant "How to Say (Roughly...Very Roughly) What Sort of a Thing a Triple Alice 3 Is, Having Attended One"
  • Julia White "Drawings and Texts"
  • Martin Harrison "Sky Hammer"
  • Russell Emerson, Gay McAuley, Garry Seabrook "Body Weather at Hamilton Downs: a Photo Essay"