About Performance 6: Rehearsal and Performance Making Processes
About Performance 6: Rehearsal and Performance Making Processes
Editor: Gay McAuley
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

This issue is a contribution to the emerging sub-discipline of rehearsal studies and it focuses on accounts by both performance practitioners and academic observers of the creative process involved in performance making. The performance genres discussed include classic text-based theatre, group devised, and physical performance, as well as consideration of rehearsal practices in the past that can be deduced from textual and other traces.


  • Rachael Swain "Telling That Story: The Marrugeku Company's Creative Process in Western Arnhem Land"
  • Peter Snow "Ovid in the Torres Straits: Making a Performance from The Metamorphoses"
  • Laura Ginters "And there we may rehearse most obscenely and courageously: The Lengths they go to in the Rehearsal Room"
  • Kate Rossmanith "Feeling the Right Impulse: 'Professionalism' and the Affective Dimension of Rehearsal Practice"
  • Paul Moore "Rehearsal and the Actor: Practicalities, Ideals and Compromise"
  • D Ohlandt-Ross "Rehearsal as Cartography: Some Challenges for Metaphor and Practce"
  • Tim Fitzpatrick "Performance Preparation Processes and their Textual Reconstruction"