About Performance 7: Local Acts: Site-Based Performance Practice
About Performance 7: Local Acts: Site-Based Performance Practice
Editor: Gay McAuley
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Theoretical reflections on, and analysis of, site-based and site-specific performances in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The work documented here constitutes an important element in the intellectual movement seeking deeper understanding of the spatialised nature of human culture.


  • Gay McAuley "Introduction"
  • Mike Pearson "It came apart in my hands: Reflections on Polis by Pearson/Brooks"
  • Fiona Wilkie "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards": Performance, Site and Remembering"
  • Mark Minchinton and Domenico de Clario "Kellerberrin on our Minds"
  • Maryrose Casey "Carnivalising Soveriegnty: Containing Indigenous Protest Within the 'White' Australian Nation"
  • Elizabeth Dempster "Welcome to Country: Performing Rights and the Pedagogy of Place"
  • Paul Brown and Xanthe-Rose Crittenden "Nature Moves Centre Stage: Eco-Centrism in Community Theatre"
  • Kerrie Schaefer and David Watt "Not Going Quietly: the Royal On The Move Procession. Place, History, Memory and Community-Based Performance"
  • Lisa Warrington "Playing With Fire. Staging Lines of Fire: a Site-Specific Project"
  • Mary Elizabeth Anderson "Engrounded: a Developing Theory of Site-Based Performance in the Context of Cognitive Linguistics"
  • Kate Lawrence "St Catherine's Chapel Pilgrimage: a Guide"
  • Michael Cohen "Tracing New Absences: Events for Place-Making and Place-Faking"