About Performance 10: Audiencing: the Work of the Spectator in Live
About Performance 10: Audiencing: the Work of the Spectator in Live
Editors: Gay McAuley and Laura Ginters
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Audiencing: the Work of the Spectator in Live Performance

Contemporary research into audiences is drawing on methodological approaches as diverse as phenomenology, cognitive science, semiotics, sociology, cultural studies, psychoanalysis and ethnography, among others, to engage with the historically under-examined, yet highly complex, field of spectatorial practice. The essays in this issue explore aspects of spectatorship across a range of performance practices, and contemplate its significance, not only in the experience shared by performer and spectator, but also often continuing long past that moment.


  • Laura Ginters "On Audiencing: the Work of the Spectator in Live Performance"
  • Matthew Reason "Asking the Audience: Audience Research and the Experience of Theatre"
  • Heather Lilley "Vital Contact: Creating Interpretive Communities in a Moment of Theatrical Reception"
  • Richard Ralley and Roy Connolly "In Front of Our Eyes: Presence and the Cognitive Audience"
  • Stuart Grant "Fifteen Theses on Transcendental Intersubjective Audience"
  • Kath Bicknell "Feeling them Ride: Corporeal Exchange in Cross-Country Mountain Bike Racing"
  • Glenn McGillivray "Pleasure out of Suffering: Negotiating Material Reality Through Fetishism and Disavowal in Food Court"
  • Sylvain Duguay "Suspended Selves: Illusion and Transcendence in the Shows of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon"
  • Fiona Fearon "Decoding the Audience: a Theoretical Paradigm for the Analysis of the 'Real' Audience and their Creation of Meaning"
  • Bree Hadley, Genevieve Trace and Sarah Winter "Uncertainties that Matter: Risk, Response-ability, Ethics and the Moment of Exchange in Live Art"
  • Gabriella Calchi Novati "Spectator On Duty: Teatro del Lemming's 'Audiencing Trouble'"
  • Anthony Jackson "Visitors Becoming Audiences: Negotiating Spectatorship in Museum Performance"
  • Jonathan Lewis "The Theatregoer's Epiphany: Becoming a Theatregoer"
  • Mark Hobart "Rich Kids Can't Cry: Reflections on the Viewing Subject in Bali"
  • Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux "The Great Resonator: What Historical Anthropology and an Ethnographic Approach to the Auditorium Tell Us About Audiences"
  • Willmar Sauter "Thirty Years of Reception Studies: Empirical, Methodological and Theoretical Advances"