With Silence Implying Sound: An Anthology of Architecture Theory
With Silence Implying Sound: An Anthology of Architecture Theory
Edited by Daniel Pavlovits
Haecceity Inc.
ISBN: 9780646539560

This volume brings together a collection of extended essays in architecture theory, all originally published as individual pieces in the Quarterly Architecture Essay (QAE) series by Haecceity Inc.

Quarterly Architecture Essay (QAE) was initiated in 2005 as a specially commissioned dissertation-length series of essays, addressing in-depth a particular, specific and contemporarily relevant topical theme on, or contributing to, architecture.

The volume is presented in five thematic parts: Questions Concerning the Digital, Questions Concerning Psychoanalysis and Space, Questions Concerning History and Space, Questions Concerning the City and Space and Archecology: Beyond Cellular Liberation.

The essays presented here were curated from both emerging and established theorists in architecture and related disciplines, spanning contributors from France, The Netherlands, the UK, Australia and the US.

The essays form a unique contribution to architecture theory, and are presented here, grouped thematically in one volume for the first time.

About the Editor

Daniel Pavlovits is a writer, editor and educator. He is Founder/Editor of Haecceity Inc., an online platform for the publication and dissemination of critical architecture theory.