Sydney Studies in English. Volume 36
Sydney Studies in English. Volume 36
Edited by David Kelly
The University of Sydney, Department of English
ISSN: 0156-5419

Volume 36 of Sydney Studies in English is concerned with the changing nature of the text for the study of English. It was not that long ago that, even in the midst of debates about canons, canon formations and 'the great tradition', the object of English study remained unquestioned: it was that reassuringly familiar thing beside you on the desk - a book. However, just as the limits of the orthodox canon were expanded and largely obliterated over the last 30 years, so too the forms of the object of analytical interest for English studies underwent a significant change - a change reflected in the essays in this volume.

The essays in volume 36 offer theoretically informed but practical demonstrations of ways in which English studies might engage with textual forms that challenge traditional conceptions of the discipline. Together, these essays represent an affirmation of the idea that the view from English studies provides its own particular insights on a variety of textual forms at a time when the object of English study, in every sense of the term, remains as contentious as ever.

Sydney Studies in English is published annually, concentrating on criticism and scholarship in English literature, drama and cinema. It aims to provide a forum for critical, scholarly and applied theoretical analysis of text, and seeks to balance the complexities of the discipline with the need to remain accessible to the wide audience of teachers and students of English both inside and outside the university.

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