Social work field education and supervision across Asia Pacific
Social work field education and supervision across Asia Pacific
Edited by Carolyn Noble and Mark Henrickson
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920899691

Social work programs and schools are flourishing in every corner of the globe, but especially in east and south-east Asia. As social work extends its influence across the region, it includes an increasing variety of theories and practices. Nevertheless, field education and supervision remain at the centre of any social work program and are the cornerstones of professional development for the social worker. Field education fosters international exchange and students can learn about international and cross-cultural social work.

While we celebrate this growth, it is important not only to explore the common factors, experiences and agreements but also to identify differences and challenges. Social work field education and supervision across Asia Pacific, the second book in the series on social work in the region, considers those challenges and brings together ideas, practices and recent developments. Working in partnerships with colleagues and students across Asia Pacific, contributors explore their field and supervision experiences through the cultural lenses of different countries and cultures.

Social work academics, field educators, supervisors and students of many nations will find this book helpful as the profession takes on the challenge of working across languages, cultures and values in developing their vision for a more socially inclusive world. The editors and contributors, who are engaged in a broad array of professional interests, hope that readers will find this book both inspiring and challenging as they teach and learn from each other across Asia Pacific.

About the editors

Carolyn Noble, MSW, PhD is Professor Emerita at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She is also Head of College and Academic Leader at Jansen Newman College of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Sydney, Australia. Her research is in the area of professional education, supervision, work-based learning, community engagement and theory development in social work.

Mark Henrickson, MDiv, MSW, PhD, RSW, lectures in social work at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand, and is active in the Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education. In addition to international social work, his research interests include HIV, and sexual and gender minorities.