Australian urban land use planning: principles, systems and practice, 2nd edition
Australian urban land use planning: principles, systems and practice, 2nd edition
Nicole Gurran
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920899776

Urban and regional planning is increasingly central to public policy in Australia and internationally. As cities and regions adapt to profound economic, societal and technological shifts, new urban and environmental problems are emerging – from inadequate systems of transport and infrastructure, to declining housing affordability, biodiversity loss and human-induced climate change.

Australian urban land use planning provides a practical understanding of the principles, processes and mechanisms for strategic and proactive urban governance. Substantially updated and expanded, this second edition explains and compares the legislation, policy and plan-making, development assessment and dispute resolution processes of Australia’s eight state and territorial planning jurisdictions as well as the changing role of the Commonwealth in environmental and urban policy.

This new edition also extends the coverage of planning practice, with a new chapter on planning for climate change, a more detailed treatment of planning for housing diversity and affordability, and a comprehensive analysis of the New South Wales planning system and its evolution over the last 30 years.

About the author

Nicole Gurran is an associate professor in the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on comparative planning approaches to housing, ecological sustainability and climate change. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, she practised as a planner in several state government roles, focusing on local environmental plan-making, environmental management and housing policy. She is on the Executive Board of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association.

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Introduction – Why is planning important?
Section 1 – Principles: urban and environmental planning and policy
1. The objectives of land use planning
2. The land use planning process
3. The development control tool kit
Section 2 – Systems: urban land use planning in Australia
4. Intergovernmental responsibilities for the environment and land use planning in Australia
5. Frameworks for state and territorial planning legislation and policy in Australia
6. Systems for plan-making, development assessment and planning appeals in the Australian states and territories
7. Thirty years of environmental planning in New South Wales
8. Development control and environmental assessment in NSW
Section 3 – Practice: planning for environmental sustainability, climate change, housing choice and affordability
9. Local planning for environmental sustainability: Australian practice
10. Climate change mitigation, adaptation and local planning by Nicole Gurran, Elisabeth Hamin, Barbara Norman
11. Planning for housing supply, choice and affordability
Conclusion – Urban land use planning in Australia: strengths, weaknesses, and priorities for reform

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