About Performance 11: In-Between Moves
About Performance 11: In-Between Moves
Editors: Tim Fitzpatrick, Amanda Card and Justine Shih Pearson
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

In-Between Moves

About Performance No. 11 is dedicated to writing about moving. These articles, collected under the subtitle In-Between Moves, explore movement in the spaces between: between bodies and other bodies, bodies and objects, bodies and places, bodies and time. They examine how being in these spaces can be conceptualised through ideas and experiences of motion.


  • Anurima Banerji "Dance and the distributed body: Odissi, ritual practice, and Mahari performance"
  • William Peterson "Discipline and pleasure: dancing inmates in Cebu's Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre"
  • Yuji Sone "Between machines and humans: reflexive anthropomorphism in Japanese robot competitions"
  • Justine Shih Pearson "Choreographing the airport: travels in thirdspace"
  • Kate Rossmanith "Learning the lunge: motility in crocodile country"
  • Sally Ann Ness "Talking to my left foot: performative moves in-between self and landscape in Yosemite National Park"
  • Margaret Anes "Performing between intention and unconscious daily gesture. How might disabled dancers offer us a new aesthetic sensibility?"
  • Kelina Gotman "Epilepsy, cholera, and involuntary movements onstage: the politics and aesthetics of alterkinetic dance"
  • Maryrose Casey "Bungaree and the grand corroboree: 'White fellow sit down all about; black fellow murry miserable'"