The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism
The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism
Marianne Dacy
Cambria Press
ISBN: 9781604977004

In the wake of the Holocaust and in seeking to understand how the relationship between Judaism and Christianity deteriorated over the course of two millennia, this book examines the origins of the conflict. In seeking to cast new light on the separation of early Christianity from Judaism, Marianne Dacy examined a number of documented areas that are often treated separately by authors in order to uncover evidence for the separation.

The book covers an enormous amount of material on the relationship between early Christianity and Judaism, but presents this in a highly accessible manner, clearly showing how the separation between the two emerged over time. It also reveals the ways they continued to be related. The author pinpoints two pervasive issues that impelled the separation: the relationship of the early church to Jewish law and the increasing divinization of Jesus.