A Singular Voice: essays on Australian art and architecture
A Singular Voice: essays on Australian art and architecture
By Joan Kerr, edited by Candice Bruce, Dinah Dysart and Jo Holder
Power Publications
ISBN: 9780909952389

A Singular Voice is a collection of essays by the controversial and popular Australian art and architecture scholar, Joan Kerr, that have appeared over the past 30 years in a wide variety of scholarly publications, many of which enjoyed only a small distribution. The book brings Kerr's essays together for the first time, making it an important resource.

Joan Kerr's interests were wide-ranging and the essays encompass colonial architecture, contemporary Aboriginal art, the ancient remains of a dinosaur in an outback museum display, the forgotten and marginalised of Australian art, and the importance of art in our everyday lives. A Singular Voice is a history of changing attitudes to Australian art and architecture as well as a record of the remarkable career of a woman distinguished by her open mind, her infectious enthusiasm and her generosity to her peers.

Joan Kerr (1938-2004) was an art and architectural historian, critic, exhibition curator, lecturer and prolific writer, a witty and erudite public speaker and a committed feminist.

A Singular Voice is the first book in the four-book series Australian Studies in Art and Art Theory and was published with the assistance of the Getty Foundation, the Gordon Darling Foundation and the Nelson Meers Foundation.

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