Bodhasara: an eighteenth-century Sanskrit treasure by Narahari
Bodhasara: an eighteenth-century Sanskrit treasure by Narahari
Translated by Jennifer and Grahame Cover with contributions from Kanchan Mande. Foreword by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
ISBN: 9781453775677

This book is the first translation into English of a philosophic and poetic treatise written by Narahari in the 18th century. Great care was taken to ensure the translation conveys the same poetic energy as the source text in Sanskrit. Including Sanskrit verses (Devanagari and transliteration) and English translation on facing pages, the book will be of interest and delight to both scholars and lay readers.

Few 18th-century Sanskrit texts are known and even fewer have been translated into English. Bodhasara may well be one of the last Sanskrit works written before the full force of British colonisation impacted on India. Using worldly metaphors and poetic suggestion, Narahari skilfully presents the philosophic ideal of non-duality. We see the world as seen through his eyes, via intertwined threads of personal understanding and poetic imagery. Fearless about discarding worthless adherence to form, he is ever confident in the natural purity of existence. Bodhasara is a showcase for Narahari's skills as a scholar, philosopher and poet and possibly an indication of the high state of Vedantic philosophy at this time.