Genocide Perspectives IV: Essays on Holocaust and Genocide
Genocide Perspectives IV: Essays on Holocaust and Genocide
Edited by Colin Tatz
UTS ePress
ISBN: 9780987236975

Genocide isn't past tense - and the Nazi and Bosnian eras are not yet closed. The demonising of people as 'unworthy' and expendable is ever-present and the consequences are all too evident in the daily news.

These fourteen essays by Australian scholars confront the issues: the need for a measuring scale that encompasses differences and similarities between seemingly divergent cases of the crime; the complicity of bureaucracies, the healing professions and the churches in this 'crime of crimes'; the quest for historical justice for genocide victims generally following the Nuremberg Trials; the fate of children in the Nazi and postwar eras; the 'worthiness' of Armenians, Jews and Romani people in twentieth century Europe; and the imperative to tackle early warning signs of an incipient genocide. While 'goodness' is not a word we associate with genocide, one essay demonstrates a fresh avenue of therapy for Jewish, Aboriginal and Rwandan victims, while another looks at cases of selfless rescue in Bosnia and Rwanda.