Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 12 (1999)
Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 12 (1999)
Edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres
Meditarch Publications
ISSN: 1030-8482

Since its foundation in 1988, Mediterranean Archaeology has succeeded not only in providing a much needed medium through which archaeologists in Australasia report on their research and field work in the Mediterranean region, but also in establishing itself as a journal of international standing.

Mediterranean Archaeology focuses on the excavations carried out at Torone in Northern Greece, Zagora on Andros, Pella in Jordan, Jebel Khalid in Northern Syria, and Nea Paphos in Cyprus. It also serves as a vehicle for the publication of relevant material held in the Abbey Museum in Caboolture, Queensland; the Classics Museum at the Australian National University in Canberra; the John Elliott Classics Museum at the University of Tasmania, Hobart; the Logie Collection at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand; and last but not least the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney.

Mediterranean Archaeology is a peer-reviewed annual and welcomes all academic papers in English, French, German, and Italian, with a preference for contributions that deal with interregional relations within the Mediterranean.

190pp, 1 col plates, 50 b/w plates

  • Maria Schroder, Middle Bronze Age Storage Requirements and Relations in the Southern Hauran, North Jordan: the Ceramics from Survey and Excavations along the Wadi al-'Ajib
  • Patrizia Birchler Emery, Old-Age Iconography in Archaic Greek Art
  • Stephan Steingräber, Zum ikonografischen und hermeneutischen Wandel von Pygmäen- und speziell Geronomachiedarstellungen in vorhellenistischer Zeit (6.-4./3. Jh. v. Chr.)
  • Victoria Hearnshaw, The Dionysiac Cycle in the Villa of the Mysteries: a Re-reading
  • S. J. Bourke, R. T. Sparks, and L. D. Mairs, Bronze Age Occupation on Tell Husn (Pella): Report on the University of Sydney's 1994/95 Field Seasons
  • Kim McCorquodale, Stela R79 in the Nicholson Museum
  • Paul Donnelly, Egyptian Faience Amulets in the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum) in Sydney
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, A Lydian Oinochoe Identified
  • Magdalene Söldner, Bemerkungen zu einem etruskischen Bronzekopfgefaß mit Bulla im Louvre
  • Olga Palagia, Arsinoe III Philopator in Sydney
  • Craig Barker, Hellenistic Stamped Amphora Handles Held in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney
  • Dimitri Anson and Robert Hannah, Lamps from the Egyptian Collection of the Otago Museum
  • D. Harrison and C. E. V. Nixon (eds.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region (with contributions from S. J. Bourke, G. Clarke, B. Rowney, C. E. V. Nixon, J. Littleton, L. Crewe, ĘP. Connor, H. Jackson, D. Kennedy, Bob Bewley, J. Monaghan, A. Kos, P. Bicknell)