Below and on Top
Below and on Top
Edward Dyson
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920897598

Below and On Top was published in 1898 and is a collection of short stories about mining and life in the bush. It contains Dyson's most famous story the classic "The Golden Shanty" as well as the stories:

  • Below and On Top
  • Sabbath Morn at Waddy
  • The Trucker's Dream
  • The Fossickers
  • At the Yards
  • A Visit to Scrubby Gully
  • A Golden Shanty
  • Hebe of Grasstree
  • A Zealot in Labour
  • The Washerwoman of Jacker's Flat
  • Dead Man's Load
  • After the Accident
  • Mr and Mrs Sin Fat
  • An Incident at the Old Pioneer
  • A Vain Sacrifice
  • Glover's Little Joke
  • A Child of Nature
  • The Whim Boy
  • Spicer's Courtship
  • The Conquering Bush
  • The Elopement of Mrs Peters
  • One Night
  • His Bad Luck

Edward Dyson (1865-1931) was born near Ballarat in Victoria and grew up in the bush and on the gold diggings. His experiences there enriched his later writings as a journalist and then freelance author.