International commercial law, litigation and arbitration
International commercial law, litigation and arbitration
Edited by KE Lindgren and N Perram
Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law
ISBN: 9780980334692

This book comprises the papers and proceedings of an International Commercial Law, Litigation and Arbitration Conference that was held at the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney from May 5-7 2011.

The conference was sponsored by the Federal Court of Australia and the Law Council of Australia, and was attended by Judges of the Federal Court, of the Supreme Courts of the Australian States and Territories and of the courts of various Asian and Pacific countries as well as by members of the Australian legal profession who had a special interest in the field.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General, the Hon Robert McClelland MP, opened the Conference on the Thursday evening after which the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia delivered the keynote address. Both the opening and the keynote address are included in this publication.

The subject matter of the Conference and therefore of this book is indicated by the titles of the six working sessions which were as follows:

  1. Practical problems in obtaining and presenting foreign evidence in commercial litigation
  2. Offshore oil and gas catastrophes
  3. International Commercial Arbitration
  4. Legal regulatory aspects of international electronic transactions
  5. The impact of international regulation and enforcement on trade disputes
  6. International conventions and model laws - their impact on domestic commercial law.

The book contains the papers and commentaries by the two speakers and two commentators who were associated with each session. They were eminently qualified in their respective fields. A record of the interesting audience discussion that took place is also included.