ALARj: Action Learning and Action Research Journal. Volume 18 Number  2. July 2013
ALARj: Action Learning and Action Research Journal. Volume 18 Number 2. July 2013
ISSN: 1326-964X

ALARA is a strategic network of people interested or involved in using action learning or action research to generate collaborative learning, research and action to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations, governments and businesses.

ALARA's vision is that action learning and action research will be widely used and publicly shared by individuals and groups creating local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, joyful, productive, peaceful and sustainable society.


  • Editorial, Action research, action learning and community services, Phil Crane
  • Action Learning Intervention as a Change Management Strategy in the Disability Services Sector - A Case Study, David Rosenbaum, Professor Elizabeth More & Professor Peter Steane
  • Action Research and Development for Intrinsic Innovation in Social Service Administration: Prototyping and Proof of Concept in Small Scale Start-Ups, David P. Moxley, Zermarie Deacon & Valerie R. Thompson
  • How a Coding Error Sparked Short-Term Reform at a Custodial Mental Hospital, Robert Sommer
  • Improving Indigenous Women's Wellness Through Action Research, Melissa Walker, Bronwyn Fredericks, & Debra Anderson
  • Participatory action research and living theory action research in the Northern Territory, Michael Beattie
  • Valuing student and community voices in the university: Action Research as a Framework for Community Service-learning, Erin O'Connor, Judith Smith, Phil Crane, Dean Brough, Natasha Shaw, Jill Franz & Ingrid Larkin
  • Stakeholder voices: exploring responsibility, trust and sustainable outcomes in a community leadership program, Joy Murray, Donna McClelland, Jodi-Lee Rash, & Rej Creaton
  • Action Research for Sustainable Development in a Turbulent World: Reflections and Future Perspectives, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Lesley Wood & Bob Dick
  • ALARA Membership and Article Submissions