Sydney Law Review Volume 34 Issue 1, March 2012
Sydney Law Review Volume 34 Issue 1, March 2012
Special Issue Guest Editors: Vivienne Bath and Luke Nottage
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

Special issue published by Centre for Asian and Pacific Law at the University of Sydney (CAPLUS) and Sydney Law School.

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Asian Investment and Finance Law


Asian Investment and Finance Law

Vivienne Bath and Luke Nottage


Foreign Investment, the National Interest and National Security - Foreign Direct Investment in Australia and China

Vivienne Bath

Responding to Industrial Unrest in China: Prospects for Strengthening the Role of Collective Bargaining

Sarah Biddulph

The Influence of the WTO over China?s Intellectual Property Regime

Natalie P Stoianoff

Reining in Regional Governments? Local Taxes and Investment in Decentralised Indonesia

Simon Butt and Nicholas Parsons

Between Piety and Prudence: State Syariah and the Regulation of Islamic Banking in Indonesia

Tim Lindsey

Lessons from Product Safety Regulation for Reforming Consumer Credit Markets in Japan and Beyond?

Luke Nottage and Souichirou Kozuka

Corporate Rescue in Asia - Trends and Challenges

Andrew Godwin

Embracing Sharia-Compliant Products through Regulatory Amendment to Achieve Parity of Treatment

Kerrie Sadiq and Ann Black

Book review

The Derivative Action in Asia: A Comparative and Functional Approach

Luke Nottage and Fady Aoun

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