Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 25 Number 1 (Special Issue)
Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 25 Number 1 (Special Issue)
Editors: Dr Max Travers, Dr Judy Putt and Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner
Institute of Criminology Press
ISSN: 1034-5329

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Special Issue: Ethnography, Crime and Criminal Justice


Max Travers, Judy Putt and Deirdre Howard-Wagner, Special Issue on Ethnography, Crime and Criminal Justice

David Brown, Vale Dr Sandra Egger


Judy Putt, Community Studies Using Ethnographic Techniques: Still Relevant to Criminology?

Julie van den Eynde and Arthur Veno, Participatory Action Research with High-Risk Groups: Best Practice for Researchers' Safety and Data Integrity

Janet Chan, Ethnography as Practice: Is Validity an Issue?

Jasmine Bruce, Understanding 'Back Stage' and 'Front Stage' Work in Restorative Justice Conferences: The Benefits of Using Ethnographic Techniques

Helena Menih, Applying Ethical Principles in Researching a Vulnerable Population: Homeless Women in Brisbane

Contemporary Comments

David Calvey, Covert Ethnography in Criminology: A Submerged yet Creative Tradition

Max Travers, The Uneasy Relationship between Criminology and Qualitative Research

Book Reviews

Sarah Ciftci, Courting Kids: Inside an Experimental Youth Court by Carla J Barrett

David Dixon, Cops and Crooks: Hilarious Tales from the Beat by Tim Priest and Fair Cop by Christine Nixon

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