Count Your Dead
Count Your Dead
John Rowe
Classic Australian Works
ISBN: 9781743323588

Count Your Dead is the first novel written about the Vietnam War by a professional soldier. John Rowe served in Vietnam as an Australian Major attached to the 173rd US Airborne Brigade and as a Senior Intelligence Officer for the Australian Task Force.

A fictional story with drama, violence, strong characters and poignant moments, Count Your Dead is closely based on real events and John Rowe's personal experiences and observations of real people.

When Count Your Dead was first published in 1968, it made front-page news and led to his resignation from the military. Written by Rowe as part of his own personal process to make sense of the complicated war, it raises questions still relevant in global conflicts today.

This new edition contains an Afterword by the author, which provides insights into the post-war experience for Rowe, including the writing and publication of this, his first book.